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Why am I selling NYHeadshot.com? August 24, 2015

Why am I selling this site??

A few reasons…

For one – I don’t really need it!  I love my domain ChrisPics and now that I’ve got a separate WordPress installation for my headshots portfolio, I don’t need this site anymore, which brings me to

two – I don’t have time!  … to maintain two domain names instead of one.

and three – I want to put the cash towards my app development company!

I’ve been a headshot photographer for over a decade in New York, have shots hundreds of people, and now it’s sort of sporadic…

I’m not a career photographer, I’m an entrepreneur, and headshot photography is just one of the many things I do!


So, I’m willing to let this awesome domain name go since I’m not really doing many headshots anymore, but I could use the funds for my amazing staff.

Plus – this domain could be a great home for a budding new headshot photographer in NYC who is really passionate and wants to build their headshot portfolio here.

Need more reasons??  : )

Well, there’s only ONE NYHeadshot.com so whoever presses and follows through Sedo’s checkout will own this domain.

I do also have NewYorkCityHeadshotPhotographer.com, which is considerably longer to say and type, but has great SEO traffic; also Page Rank 2 and would be a great portfolio site (it’s where I had my headshots prior to buying NYheadshot) or would be a good landing page SEO site to send headshot traffic back to your main photography portfolio site.

Additionally (!!!) I also own AffordableActorHeadshots.com, HeadshotPhotographerList.com, and LosAngelesHeadshot.com

WOW – I own more headshot domains names than I even realized!

Hey – help me out, take one (or all! lol) off my hands!


BUY this site NOW!

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